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Of course, there is no scientific evidence that watching porn leads to negative consequences on an "epidemic" level, and Utah itself placed 38th in the nation for per capita visits to Pornhub in 2015, which was hardly impressive.But in April 2016, Utah's governor signed legislature declaring porn a public health crisis, which was impressively regressive.The woman is seen apparently placing a shotgun and a handgun on the ground.The American Kestrel (Falco sparverius) is one of the smallest falcons, and is the smallest falcon in North America.And so the epidemic of hyped-up morality and bad science rages on.

They heard the shot and disarmed him at Mueller Park Junior High School in Bountiful, about 11 miles north of Salt Lake City.

"I'm trying to kind of track the same path that was taken against tobacco 70 years ago," Weiler told Utah's KSL.

"It's just basically a message to the pornography industry that if someone in Utah can prove damages from the product, that they may be held liable financially."Right—the only major difference being tobacco was scientifically proven to sicken and kill people. Future lawsuits against the porn industry could also infringe on First Amendment freedoms, an American Civil Liberties Union of Utah lawyer told KSL.

People all over North America were treated to a stunning view of the eclipse.

The total solar eclipse is one of nature's most rare and awe inspiring sights.

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