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WESCHLER INSTRUMENTS Specializing in analog meters, digital meters, sensors, transducers, signal conditioners, controllers and test equipment.

The smoothness eliminates crevices that could entrap the product and make cleaning and sanitation problematic.The verified contents of the identification documents may be logged to provide ID checking compliance and/or may be transferred to a remote computer for additional processing or logging.reading, by the computing system, contents of an identification document presented by an individual in connection with a transaction, wherein the identification document is encoded with machine-readable identification information of the individual;identify an issuing jurisdiction of the identification document based on at least one of the two or more read segments, wherein the at least one read segment used to identify the issuing jurisdiction is an Issuer Identification Number;22. Driver licenses are commonly used in places of business, such as convenience stores, liquor stores, entertainment centers which also have personal computers for use in business purposes, such as inventory management.One or more non-transitory computer memories encoded with an identification data structure and a reference data structure that are used to determine whether an individual is authorized to perform an activity, wherein the identification data structure specifies identification information of the individual that is read from an identification document encoded with machine-readable information conforming to an established format of a jurisdiction, wherein at least one portion of the machine-readable information is an Issuer Identification Number that is used to determine the jurisdiction, wherein the reference data structure specifies a plurality of jurisdictional formats, and wherein the established format is one of the plurality of specified formats and is used to parse and populate the identification data structure with the read identification information. It is desired that means be provided so that personal computers may be readily adapted to serve as an integral part of an authentication system for driver licenses.If I had known how much it would change my life, I would have had LASIK years ago!”Anesthesiologist and LASIK patient“Growing up, my favorite activities were boating and waterskiing.

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