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As an example, if I ever started a consulting business and used the Internet-facing website as my company's site, I should name my Active Directory domain ad.or internal.mdmarra.com, or something similar.

You want to avoid making up a TLD like .local and you also want to avoid the headache of using for the Internet-facing zone and the internal zone.

Check your network path with our simple visual traceroute.

Use our icmp ping and traceroute to check your servers.

I’m not sure how you got sucked into reading this post, but since you’re here I might as well tell you how to make your Exchange 2013 Mailbox role deployment highly available by using a Database Availability Group and I’m going to shorten that to DAG because it’s a nightmare to type. Before we get too deep into it, let’s first make sure you’re on the right plane.

This flight will take you through configuring a DAG in Exchange 2013 with two nodes in the same site to make your Mailbox role highly available.

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If you’re still with me, buckle your seatbelt and keep your hands inside the cabin at all times.

I can understand if you walk into a situation like this that you did not create, but please don't ever do this on a new domain.

The correct way to name an Active Directory domain is to create a subdomain that is the delegation of a parent domain that you have registered and have control over.

Before we can take off, we need to do a pre-check routine on all our servers because the last thing we want is to get cruising at 38,000 users and then have it crash. DAGs utilize Windows Failover Clustering so you’re going to need a Windows OS that supports that and since Exchange 2013 can only be installed on Server 2012 and Server 2008 R2 SP1, we’ll focus on those.

If you’re running 2008 R2, you’ll want Enterprise or Datacenter.

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