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I used to hate them — but only because my sole exposure to them was via the crappy reissues of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. Not till this century did I encounter the pedal in its original incarnation. Vintage-style Fuzz Faces produce tones that are warm, rich, and unbelievably dynamic.

Many bloggers swear by the Tinkle eyebrow razor, which is used on dry skin in short, swift motions at a 45-degree angle. In the simplest terms possible, fuzz is simply what your guitar signal sounds like as it is being literally destroyed.It found its way as a very useful semiconductor material by the late 1940’s and helped in moving a lot of electronics away from the use of vacuum tubes, ushering in the beginning of the solid state era. For a brief history of how fuzz came to be, check out my previous article on the History of Pedals There are two basic types of fuzz: silicon and germanium, which refer to the type of transistor used in the circuit. Some types do this a little nicer than others, some have no mercy; at the end of the day a fuzz pedal simply destroys your signal in the same musical tradition that started the 60’s revolution of love and setting your guitar on fire.

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