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Like Peter, she feels the obligation of looking after her younger brother and sister and it's something that has made her grow up too fast - being saddled with all that responsibility.

When she comes to Narnia, she thinks she's too grown up to believe in it.

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They were seen "flirting" with each other, but didn't really date. Actually when we got to know that we have to act in Narnia Prince Caspian, I knew that Ben Barnes was already in love with me in reality whereas Me and Willaim love each other. We id not want to tell that to anybody but now it was a need.

There’s no wardrobe this time around, so the children are transported to Narnia from the tube station platform, as the curve of the tunnel morphs into the natural rock arch of , which was seen in the previous film, appears again as the children are later chased by Telmarines, but other New Zealand locations are pretty inaccessible unless you have access to a helicopter.

Née à Londres, elle est la fille de Andrew, avocat et de Deborah, immunologiste.

Sa sœur Lulu a joué dans Love Actually de Richard Curtis et son frère Freddie incarnait Michael Darling dans Peter Pan de P. Elle a été nommée Head Girl de l'école pour 2006/2007.

Anna Popplewell a commencé sa carrière à l'âge de 6 ans, en participant au Allsorts Drama School.

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